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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Purpose of this Blog

I am teaching Electrical power engineering for the last twevle years .I have guided lot of MALAB based power system problems.
I want to share my ideas with readers on how to model the power system optimization problems,developing solution methodology, and writting MATLAB code.

I have implemented   Genetic Algorithm,Particle swarm optimization and differential evolution codes in MATLAB..
Some of the problems  already solved .
1)Economic dispatch
2) Optimal flow with lineflow constraints
3)Economic Dispatch with piecewise /discontinous fuel cost functions
4) Economic Emission Dispatch
5)Economic dispatch with valve point loading
6) unit commitment
7) Hydro thermal sheduling
8) Optimal Capacitor placement in distribution systems .
9) Optimal placement of FACTS devices to improve load-ability of power systems.
10) Determination od competetive equilibrium
These problems are solved by the following methods.

i) Quadratic Programming
ii) Genetic Algorithm
iii) PSO
iv) Differential Evolution
v)Tabu search
vi) Ant Bee colony
vii) Simulated annealing

Apart from this The projects are also ready

11) Transmission system power flow with FACTS devices
12) Distribution system power flow
13) Transmisssion loss allocation by game theory
14) Power System State Estimation
15)Distribution system reconfiguration
16) Shapley value based Allocation
17) Nucleolus based Allocation

You can contact the author by salorajan@gmail.com for any queries.


mahi said...

I had run the program given by you in the PSo tool box it is givin gcorrect results for the 3 bus data given by you but for other data
like the one below
data=[0.001562 7.92 561 100 600
0.00194 7.85 310 100 400
0.00484 7.97 078 50 200];
B=[0.000075 0.000005 0.0000075
0.001940 0.000015 0.0000100
0.004820 0.0000100 0.0000450];
actual answer for the economic load dispatch with losses is 6878 0r in that range but it is showing around 250000
kindly help me in this regard

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