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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Improvement of Maximum Load-ability of Power system by FACTS devices:Part 2

In the last part some fundamentals of this problem was discussed.In this part the modelling of the the problem is to be completed.

λ: The load-ability parameter
Pli- Scheduled real power load of ‘i’th bus
Qli- Scheduled reactive power load of ‘i’th bus
Pgi- Generated real power of ‘i’th bus
Qli- Generated real power of ‘i’th bus
Vi-Voltage of ‘i’th bus
LFij-Line Flow (MVA)of transmission line connecting buses ‘i’ and ‘j’
If a power system has 'm' generator buses, 'n' load buses and 'k' transmission lines.
The number of parameters to be determined is 'm+1'
The number of equality constraints are 2*(n+m-1)
The number of inequality constraints are 2*m+n+k
In the figure the equations are clearly written. It can be solved by any conventional or unconventional optimization algorithm.

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