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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Power System State Estimation: Part 3

If G1 is having a rank of ‘n’ then the system is fully observable.

1. Start iterations, set the iteration index i=0.
2. Initialize the state vector x0, typically as a flat start.
3. Calculate the matrix G(x0) as per (4)
4. Calculate the matrix H as per (5)
5. Determine x1 as per (6).
6. Test for convergence, max [G(x1)]< e
7. If no, update x , and go to step 3. If yes stop.
For power system state estimation the matrix H is the jacobian matrix of the Power flow the difference is that the jacobian is not square it is mX n

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Anonymous said...

Sir, h0w about 14-bus using WLS method?? can u show me how to calculated step by step..?? thanks..

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